Caskey shares new album Cadillac Music

Orlando, Florida’s very own Caskey has dropped his much-anticipated full-length album, “Cadillac Music,” and it’s now available for music enthusiasts on all major DSPs and streaming services. This 15-track project represents a significant milestone for the artist, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the rap scene. Collaborating with the acclaimed producer Anonymass, Caskey crafts a musical experience that solidifies his reputation as one of the industry’s Black Sheep.

The album’s latest single, “Dixie,” stands out as a deeply heartfelt and personal track. In this poignant composition, Caskey extends an apology to his mother for the difficulties she faced during his tumultuous youth, struggles with addiction, and the losses experienced by their family. For the newly sober rapper, who proudly refers to himself as the “black sheep,” “Dixie” holds a special place as one of the most significant songs he’s ever penned. To accompany this emotional track, Caskey has unveiled a music video. The video captures a powerful moment where he performs in an arena with his mother in the audience, hearing the song’s message for the first time.

Leading up to the album’s release, Caskey shared several singles, each accompanied by an official music video that collectively garnered millions of views online. This new album builds upon the artist’s previous success, following his 2022 full-length releases, “While You Wait for J.A.W.S.” and “This Isn’t Even My Final Form,” both of which achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the #1 spot on the iTunes Hip-Hop Album Chart.

To celebrate the album’s launch, Caskey has planned two exclusive sold-out events in Orlando later this month. On October 21st and October 28th, fans will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the album and experience Caskey’s live performance. It’s a chance to witness the artist perform some of these tracks for the very first time. Additional details about these events can be found here. “Cadillac Music” is more than just an album; it’s a reflection of Caskey’s profound personal journey and artistic growth.

“‘Cadillac Music’ has been Anonymass and my focus the last 8 months. We’ve been back home, making what’s authentic, tuning out the noise, and doing what WE do best, that BLACK SHEEP sound. Shot the cover [of the album] in front of a crib I used to live in West Orlando, where I was broke, thinking about quitting rap. What a f*ck up that would have been, to abandon my purpose. So glad I didn’t.”


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