Von Venn Release New Track ‘Hero’

Von Venn

The song ‘Hero’, which can be found on Von Venn’s most recent album, ‘Jeanie Is Out’, exemplifies the band’s never-ending enthusiasm and inventiveness. Finding oneself swaying to the rhythm is the perfect indicator that this is a track to savor, and we do just that!

The new release opens with a beautiful harmony, followed by a musical instrumental of guitars, bass, and drums. It slows slightly, with an angelic tone emerging prior to Gary Cox’s vocal performance. Gary takes center stage; his lyrics transcend through the speakers and strike us with immediate impact. It would appear that the song is all about introspection, personal development, and coming to terms with one’s own capabilities and limitations. As the song progresses, the chorus becomes more powerful, and the drums strike with even more oomph! Concurrently, the other instruments speed up, and Gary gives it his all on the microphone.

For us, this one has to be up there with one of the most fascinating of brand new indie tunes, and the laid-back vibe gives it an air that makes it even easier to get lost in.

You can listen here.

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