Thomas Cole Releases Debut Album, ‘Late To Bloom’

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole, the forward-thinking artist hailing from New York, grabs us and does not let go with his infectious debut album, ‘Late To Bloom.’ This strong collection of songs radiates feel-good vibes and dance energy, all while weaving pertinent stories and narratives that resonate immediately with the current generation.

The album commences with its title track, ‘Late To Bloom,’ where Thomas eloquently reaffirms the timeless message that one can fulfil their destiny regardless of age. It’s a powerful opening that transitions into ‘Fairy Tales,’ featuring the enchanting vocals of Lizzie Allyn.

As the album unfolds, its energy surges to soaring heights, pleasing us with its irresistible groove. A delightful surprise awaits with ‘This World & The Next,’ a previously unreleased gem that Thomas has kept up his sleeve for the grand debut of his album. This track boasts a mighty underground bass sound that could easily find a home at the world’s largest dance festivals.

Bringing the album to a close is another fresh addition, ‘Pass The Baton,’ a personal favorite of ours. Its ridiculously catchy melody pulls us back more!

You can stream here.

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