Kid Koi Releases New Road Trip Anthem “OOH LA LA”

Kid Koi has released his latest single, “Ooh La La,” his latest track that perfectly encapsulates the essence of carefree coastal allure with a unique blend of pop, hip-hop, R&B, folk, and indie rock reminiscent of the early 2000s. The new song is currently available on all streaming services.

“Ooh La La” boasts a chorus that is as catchy as it is memorable, making it impossible not to sing along. The song’s infectious hook effortlessly melds different genres, creating a musical journey that mirrors the scenic beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway. Kid Koi’s smooth vocals and sweet lyrics make it more than just a catchy tune, but an emotional longing for freedom.

“The essence of the song is celebration of freedom and good vibes. I wanted to create a song that embodied the spirit of feeling carefree, the wind in your hair, and the open road ahead,” says Kid Koi. Whether you’re cruising with friends, embarking on a solo adventure, or simply seeking a musical escape, “Ooh La La” promises to transport you to a world where life is full of possibilities.

“Ooh La La” was written by Sota Koike and produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jean-Luc McMurtry at VLV Media & Records. It’s the perfect addition to your playlist for picturesque drives. So, roll down your windows, turn up the volume, and let Kid Koi’s “Ooh La La” be the soundtrack to your next adventure. Listen below or click here to stream on your favorite platform.


Kid Koi (Sota Koike) is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City.  He discovered a passion for songwriting when improvising chords at parties to accompany his friends freestyle.  With a myriad of influences ranging from 90’s Hip-Hop to guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix, he hopes to blend all his influences into something unique.


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