Minna Ora Releases New Single ‘Storm’

Minna Ora

‘Storm’ is a new release by Finnish singer-songwriter Minna Ora that demonstrates her mastery in a fresh and novel way. It is a powerful indie track that dives into the difficult topic of power abuse and the brave fight against it. It is the availability of two language versions, one in English and another in Minna’s native Finnish, that distinguishes this release from others of its kind. Also, it gives listeners the opportunity to explore the depths of her quality from a variety of different perspectives.

The song itself is a trip, beginning with a drum rhythm that is both intriguing and eerie, which quickly establishes a dark and ominous atmosphere. Minna Ora’s vocals soon take center stage, and they are nothing short of strong. A synth that has a distinct aesthetic also plays in the background while Minna takes control vocally, and her unique style truly separates her from the competition.

Minna Ora leaves nothing back with this track, and the meaning makes it a track that demands our full attention.

You can listen here.

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