Lost Blonde Releases New Song ‘Wide Awake’

Lost Blonde

Lost Blonde, the singer-songwriter and voice coach from Colorado, has released a new song. ‘Wide Awake’. Leveraging influence from the likes of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Lost Blonde manages to carve out her own distinct space in the music scene with refreshing undertones that stand out in the mix.

The echoey opening of ‘Wide Awake’ grabs us right away, making way for “Lost Blonde” to take the lead. It feels like a breath of fresh air when she starts singing; she is fresher than a pack of mints.

The catchy chorus hook is a highlight as Lost Blonde weaves a story of strong emotion. She sings about being wide awake and dealing with the unpredictable turns and twists that lie ahead, especially in the context of a relationship.

The top-class production quality of “Wide Awake” is one of its strong features too!

You can listen here.

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