LostsOfficial Releases New Single ‘Do Me Dirty’


LostsOfficial continues to elevate himself within the realms of modern music with each new release, and his latest offering, ‘Do Me Dirty,’ is yet another reflection of his career progression.

Hailing from Canada, LostsOfficial defies genre boundaries, pushing the limits and carving a unique space in the global music scene. ‘Do Me Dirty’ stands out not only for its distinctive sound but also for LostsOfficial’s impressive vocals.

The track, while possessing a style that could seamlessly transition into an instrumental powerhouse, allows LostsOfficial’s vocals to take center stage. His performance shines, mirroring his talent and leaving a mark from the get-go!

Upon delving into the lyrics, it becomes evident that ‘Do Me Dirty’ is a poignant exploration of love’s bittersweet complexities. LostsOfficial grapples with the juxtaposition of newfound love on the one hand and the lingering repercussions of a past relationship on the other. The song reflects his desire to break free from the challenges of past love, yearning for a fresh start while questioning whether his new love will do him dirty.

You can listen here.

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