Rodney Hazard Shares ‘The Man From Nowhere’

Rodney Hazard

On his newest EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, multifaceted artist Rodney Hazard combines many different musical styles into a single cohesive whole. The release by the creator of Le Loup Studio is now available to stream, and it offers an opportunity to detach oneself from the chaos that is occurring in the world around us.

Rodney demonstrates his adaptability and readiness to carve out a new path to pursue as an alternative to following the status quo. Moreover, the EP has no boundaries and goes beyond the box’s confines. The first track on the EP is ‘Stardawg’. It is characterised by a relaxing drum beat and mouthwatering synthesisers accompanying a vocal that echoes out of the soundscape.

The fan favourite, ‘Rainforest’ is track three on the EP. It combines a hip-hop sound with a soothing atmosphere and is the third track overall. Once more, vocals are present, but they do not play a pivotal part; instead, they serve only to provide additional weight and depth to a sound that already possesses a great deal of it.

The synths take us on a voyage throughout ‘BlueFlame,’ and we find ourselves in a position like that of being in outer space. At the same time, the lovely harmonies and captivating vocals that serenade the ears create the sensation that we are being lifted off the ground.

You can listen here.

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