Multi-talented creator Nichel MOLIAE Releases New Song “You Know Me”

As a published author, screenwriter, songwriter, lyrics, Director, and now musical artist; Nichel MOLIAE is energetic of her newest song “You Know Me” that will apart of her line of to her anticipated album titled “When Love Was Divine” honing on loving your sweetheart within the balance of To Know Thyself and grow towards that positive love of respect and humbling sharing the journey.

Nichel MOLIAE aka Nichel Anderson is the host of podcast show Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond from her book “Mitsrayim: A Memoir of a Past Life In Ancient Egypt” that that boasts over 12k monthly downloads that hones on true love, relationships, family and purpose thru the power of choice from Ancient Mystery School of Thought of Egypt.

In her first debut forthcoming album “When Love Was Divine” and “You Know Me” she wrote the lyrics of the songs sung and arranged the composition of her producer to create themes of finding loving.

For MORE INFO here; for purchase of the preremix.

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