Kingdumb Releases New Mixtape “Eternally Never”


“Eternally Never” marks a significant milestone in Swindon native Kingdumb’s musical journey, a mesmerizing blend of sounds that stun from the very first note. With this 12-song collection, Kingdumb catapults the electronic fusion genre into uncharted territory, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible.

From the moment the opening track begins, it’s evident that Kingdumb is a master of his console. His ability to ] blend diverse styles and influences creates a texture that is both exhilarating and immersive. Tracks like “Told Ya” and “Shades of Love” showcase his knack for crafting infectious beats. Also, they linger in the mind long after the music stops.

Yet, what truly sets “Eternally Never” apart is Kingdumb’s innate talent for infusing each track with depth and meaning. Beneath the pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies lies a thought-provoking exploration of love, life, and everything in between. Whether he’s delving into the complexities of human emotion on “Unfair” or transporting listeners to distant realms with “The Edge of Infinity,” Kingdumb leaves a mark that demands repeated listens.

With each track, Kingdumb invites us into his world, a place where time seems to stand still and the possibilities are endless.

You can listen here.

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