NFL Star Adam “Pacman” Jones Music Debut Single “Ferrari Kit”

Cover art for Adam Pacman Jones Music. "Ferarri kit"

Former NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones’ music transition career begins with the release of his debut single “Ferrari Kit“. Following the success of his twelve-track EP, “The Outlet… Finally Free,” Jones continues his journey into the artist realm via Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group. Jones adopted the moniker “The Real Pacman Jones” as his moniker.

“Ferrari Kit” signifies a significant evolution in Jones’ musical career, blending the raw energy of his athletic background with a fresh musical approach. The metaphorical use of “Ferrari Kit” symbolizes the genetic drive and mindset of the artist, akin to the power and performance of a Ferrari 458 engine.

Under the guidance of Universal Music Group, Pacman promises genre-defying content, showcasing his versatility as he transitions seamlessly from the NFL to music. Co-produced by Pacman and V, “Ferrari Kit” is accompanied by a visually stunning music video shot at TQL Stadium, home of FC Cincinnati.

“Football has been a significant part of my life, but music has always been a passion. It’s a reflection of my journey—full of highs and lows, but always pushing forward.”

The Real Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones’ music resonates with fans as one of many former pro athletes who transitioned to music careers (Roy Jones Jr, Shaq, Damian Lillard, and more). The intersection of professional athletics and music has produced some intriguing and diverse talents over the years. Many pro athletes have ventured into the music industry, showcasing their versatility and passion beyond the playing field. From NBA stars laying down rap verses to NFL players strumming heartfelt ballads, these athlete-musicians have found a unique way to express themselves, connect with fans on a different level, and share stories from their lives outside of sports. Their foray into music not only highlights their multifaceted talents but also challenges the stereotype of athletes being singularly focused on their sports careers. This blend of high-level athleticism and musical creativity underscores the idea that talent knows no bounds, and passion can drive success in more than one arena.

In addition to his music career, Jones remains active in the sports entertainment industry, hosting popular shows such as “Runnin’ it Back with Pac + Zac” on BETONLINE.AG and appearing on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” with his segment, “Undercover Dawg.”


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