Devin Cecchetto Shares New Indie Pop Anthem “Off My Mind”

Pop sensation Devin Cecchetto is back with her latest indie pop single “Off My Mind,” accompanied by a vibrant music video on her YouTube Channel. This refreshing release, available on all streaming platforms this Friday, March 22, heralds a celebration of renewal just in time for spring.

“Off My Mind” embodies the spirit of starting anew, akin to the invigorating act of washing away the past. With its lively tempo and playful lyrics, the song invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Devin’s velvety pop vocals blend seamlessly with energetic synth beats, crafting a captivating sonic landscape that is both infectious and uplifting.

The music video for “Off My Mind” adds an extra layer of visual delight, set in the bustling ambiance of a lively laundromat. Here, Devin showcases her dynamic performance, dancing amidst vibrant pink hues while tending to her laundry in stylish sweats and headphones. The imagery serves as a metaphor for shedding old burdens and embracing a fresh start with enthusiasm and flair.

“It’s so special to create a feel good song to help people dance around and feel fresh for the springtime,” says Devin. “Sometimes one must accept continuing to push forward as mistakes are not life sentences. They are just lessons. Fully embrace who you are and love you for your uniqueness!”

With its infectious energy and relatable themes, this single promises to resonate with audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on this electrifying release from one of pop’s most promising talents. Watch the video below or click here to stream.

“Off My Mind” was produced by Keegan Beach and mixed and mastered by Damian Birdsey, The video shot by Brandon Donadel and assisted by Daniel Battersby.


Devin Cecchetto is a Canadian artist of Italian, Scottish descent who was born and raised in Toronto. Devin has a degree in Musical Theater performing in a number of musicals including performing her own work in theatres across Canada. Devin recently started starring in a number of  film /TV projects, you can find her Leading in lifetime thrillers and other works (Appearing in The Craft Legacy, Ginny and Georgia (Netflix), Marry F*** kill, Bad Influence (Crave), and the Parker Andersons (Heart and Home). Recently she has been working in LA songwriting and recording music. She is excited to continue to create and express herself through her music.


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