Spade The Artist Treats Us To ‘Stash House’

Spade The Artist

Spade The Artist has us clinging onto his every word on his new single, ‘Stash House’. The Atlanta-based musician smashes it with a performance that rivals some of the most well-known hip hop artists on the planet right now.

‘Stash House’ has a lot of energy, and the passion that comes through in Spade’s vocal performance is palpable. He begins the song with a melancholy piano arrangement that has a warmth that many of us need right now. The beat suddenly drops, and Spade grabs the microphone, talking about hope and looking forward with excitement to the future. He is self-assured in his ability as a modern rapper, and his confidence is visible from the start.

The music isn’t particularly flashy, which allows the emphasis to remain concentrated on Spade The Artist’s superb rap performance. He raps swiftly at times, often taking hints from rap gods like Eminem, but he also throws in lots of dynamism, making for a unique experience for everyone to enjoy. However, the track is relatively short, clocking in at just over two minutes. So much so that it feels as if there is still enough to provide here, and it leaves us yearning for more. Is this, however, a clue that another tune will be released soon? This one is a treat, so let’s hope so!

You can listen to this new single by Spade The Artist here.

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