Joshua Gelfand Releases ‘The Only Place You Know’

Joshua Gelfand

Joshua Gelfand’s new single, ‘The Only Place You Know’, is a gift for fans and new listeners alike. It’s a track that comes off as unique, and it’s tough to compare it to anything else going on in the scene.

‘The Only Place You Know’ begins with a clap beat before transitioning into an electronic composition that transports you to another world. Several aspects appear in the opener, and it is clear from the start that this will be an exhilarating encounter; Joshua does not disappoint! The production’s atmosphere immediately draws us in and keeps us glued to the speakers for the duration.

After the overture, Joshua reaches for the microphone and delivers a calm yet powerful vocal performance. With his beautiful intonation, he chills us out and gives the forefront of the track a new edge. Joshua innovatively looks forward to the future, often debating whether or not change is a good thing and whether sticking put, though frowned upon, is a better option during difficult times. Many will connect to this, given the last few years that the bulk of us have faced.

The refrain has the potential to be one of the most captivating choruses to emerge from the electronic indie genre in recent years. It’s catchy right away, and Josuah’s voice reaches home, anchoring his message even farther into the soul.

You can take a listen to this new single by Joshua Gelfand here.

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