It’s a Hard Knock Life Podcast [Episode 1]

50 Cent and Drake are arguably the biggest Hip-Hop stars of their respective decades, the 2000’s and 2010’s. They have become cultural icons and standalone economies, influencing pop culture and starting (and ending) careers. But whose impact was greater between the two?
Recorded in Fresthetic (@fresthetic), home of Classic Material NY in Brooklyn, NY, Saul Goodman (@lionofbedstuy) TheCainMarko (@thecainmarko) and Melton (@marinkd) debate who was greater in his prime: Drake or 50 Cent. We discuss what an artist’s “prime” could be, as well as sales, beef, street credibility, pen games; entourages and more.

Visuals by Modern Marvel  (@SimplyDop3)
Executive Produced by Mika (@BSideAnthems)

The Hard Knock Life Podcast is dedicated to the new core of Hip-Hop today: the business, the brand; and the balance between authenticity and entertainment.

HKL breaks down the deals and the real; the bars and beef. HKL connects echoes of the past, with news of the present, with predictions for the future.

Anything we bring up here is up for discussion and debate.

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