Catch Lino on the Tony Gribben Show highlights

Felion Youth Alternatives is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organisation, that empowers our youth to achieve their goals through self-development and education. They work with students of all ages. Their mentors specialize in high-risk youth, by giving them the tools to make positive changes. They offer our services to teachers, school administrators/counsellors, communities and various organizations. They pride themselves on being able to mentor male and female youngsters with the skills necessary to keep them focused on their future.

Felion Youth Alternatives was founded by Jose Lino. Their organisation is committed to bringing awareness to global issues and making positive changes in students’ lives and communities. ​Because of Jose Lino’s collaboration with students, the school’s administration, and parents, the graduation rate has increased, from 33% to 61% in Hempstead High School, NY

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