Julia Thomsen Releases New EP With T_Mo

Julia Thomsen

With the release of her new extended play, ‘Senses’, which includes remixes created by producer T Mo, Julia Thomson is once again the talk of the town.

This compilation features three songs that Julia has previously published. These are ‘Sea Energise’, ‘Touch’, and ‘Evoke’. However, each of these features a new twist. Furthermore, T Mo strips them down, combining their constituent parts with an electronic chill-out atmosphere and bolstering the depth through the production he provides.

The first track to play is ‘Sea Energise’, with T Mo adding a jingling bell cadence to the piano original that Julia put down. Midway through, a cowbell makes an appearance, lending even more character to the experience, just before the strings take us on a mystical journey that takes us far away from our surroundings.

‘Touch’ taps away with an irresistible pace, transporting us to paradise, where the wind from the ocean is only a touch away. It possesses an antiquated soundscape that flaunts a multitude of unconventional features. Still, it remains faithful to the overall concept of the EP, which places tranquilly at the forefront of its vision.

The closing track of the EP, ‘Evoke’, brings the whole thing to a head with its rivetting quality. As the track draws closer to its end, the energy we sense elevates, and we can relax back with our shoulders feeling lighter.

You can take a listen here.

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