Now that the secret is out about thejoys of yoga, almost 40 million people in the US have started practicing it and the number is growing! Many of us have fallen in love with yoga for the health benefits and peace of mind, but it’s not everyday that a Grammy award-winning R&B artist takes yoga so seriously he brings his fans (and sometimes his pet goats) along for the experience. Eric Bellinger (the singer behind hit “G.O.A.T. 2.0”) is a devoted yoga practitioner who took time out of his recording and touring recently to share his love of the practice with some very excited fans– and maybe inspire them to become yogis for life in the process!

It’s one thing to sing about yoga, but Bellinger is really committed to the lifestyle. Each fan who joined him for his “Yoga After Dark”(#YAD) session at CorePower Yoga or the special outdoor class with some goat classmates this past weekend got to see firsthand that the new king of R&B is serious about his healthy spiritual path. Eric Bellinger has shown over the last several months that he’s keeping his creative energies flowing for making music, and there’s no doubt his yoga practice is helping him be so prolific. With new music dropping from the singer all the time (most recently with assistance from Compton rapper AD for their upcoming project), his fans got to see the secret to his success like never before as they joined Bellinger in traditional yoga postures inside a heated studio for #YAD and goat-friendly postures outdoors on a beautiful LA Saturday.

Bellinger has been expressing his spiritual side more and more over the last few months with the release of his Meditation Music EP, inspired by his yoga and meditation practices as well as the nature sounds and other soothing recordings he listens to before his performances. Yoga is known for building longevity and there’s no doubt Eric Bellinger is gonna keep shining—whether in the studio or out in the world touching the lives of his fans. Keep up with all his yoga and musical antics @EricBellinger

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