🐇TMG Fresh Drops Heffner-Inspired ‘Mansion Music’ EP

Rumored offspring of the late-great Hugh Heffner and self-proclaimed playboy TMG Fresh welcomed fans to the Argyle in Hollywood last night to experience his Mansion Music EP, a collection of four songs that speak to the lavish lifestyle he’s accustomed to. After releasing singles “Playboy Fresh,” “Throw a Stack, ” and “Fresh” earlier this year, TMG Fresh spent many months in the studio refining his sound before the Mansion Music release, and his fans are glad he did. Inside the beautiful venue last night there were many touches paying homage to his playboy persona, and in a surprise twist the “bunny” models were joined BY ACTUAL LIVE BUNNIES. Celebrities Marcus Black from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Compton rapper AD, Adrian Marcel-collaborator Jane Handcock, Rosa Acosta, HBO’s Ballers’ Kris Lofton, Sincere Show, Element Radio’s DJ Carisma, and Napoleon Williams from Tiny Impact Co also joined the experience.

Wealth and beautiful women is something most rappers aspire to have, so TMG Fresh’s Heffner-inspired persona has been drawn to the rap genre and the opulence it embraces. On his Mansion Music EP he sticks to this subject matter, rapping about the ladies who make his Playboy lifestyle a reality and the wealth that can make their dreams come true.

Guests at the Hollywood release party got a taste of this opulence as they enjoyed food, drinks, and the company of beautiful models with some furry friends. Much like the Mansion Music cover art, TMG Fresh lives his life surrounded by gorgeous women—and this release event was no exception. As the lyrics to Mansion Music track “Ice Cold” explain, I don’t have no time limit / Only f**k with dime b****es!


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