Indie Spotlight: Bachi – “Fluffy Luv”

Bachi Fluffy Luv

Don’t you just want someone who makes you feel Fluffy inside ? Well Bachi has found that person. The joy one can bring to another when in love is to be celebrated. Bachi expresses this in his new single, “Fluffy Luv.”

Cover Artist: Cassandra Jolie
Producer : Enzo Gran

Bachi is a grassroots rapper based in Tallahassee, Fla.

His clever rhymes are both rebellious and real. Through his lyrics he illustrates everything from a contrasted perspective on relatable lifestyles and situations that hit close to home. 

He takes pride in his consistent offbeat musical diversity and hopes that through his music or headbands, people can become their best selves no matter their reality.

Follow Bachi
Instagram: @bachi___
Twitter: @bachi_kage
YouTube: OmgitsBachi

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