E-40 Collaborator Hitta Slim is Back with ⚠️ “Hazard Lights”⚠️

hitta slim - hazard lights

Bay Area rap icon Hitta Slim is back with new single AND video “Hazard Lights,” the next installment in a series of releases with Slim as your tour guide on this Bay soil. Starting with the fun-loving “Dog Lane,” then some amazing synergy on E-40 collaboration “Hog,” and maturing into a glimpse of elite nightlife with “Highlight Reel,” Hitta Slim is continuing his climb with this most recent street anthem:

Pullin up, slappin with the hazards on/ Gold frame bussin and them chains on/ Exit my whip like a general/ Ice game water with the minerals

A rap veteran with passion that will make you think he just stepped on the scene, Hitta Slim brings an undeniable energy to this Mac Menace-produced beat. As a long-time collaborator of E-40, Slim is versed in the rap game, but each recent release has a style all its own. As he explained in a recent interview, first and foremost, and I think this really goes for any artist, it’s something that you know it when you hit it…but right now I’m a big fan of my own music. So I’m actually entertaining myself and I feel like I’m a music connoisseur.

“Hazard Lights” has a dance-friendly sound as a complement to Hitta’s opulent city-life feels on his last release “Highlight Reel.” It paints a picture of the east bay neighborhoods that Hitta knows well and shows the beauty in the chaos that characterizes them. True to reality but bringing positivity to the forefront is his mission as he spits less about violence and more about enjoying life to the fullest. This drive to share a real-life perspective makes Hitta Slim’s projects EXTRA captivating and he’s not slowing down on his climb to the forefront of the rap scene. Click below to stay tapped in!

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