New Legal Case Against Ariana Grande Surfaces Out of New York for “7 rings” Infringement

Recording artist and producer Josh Stone (“Joshua Stoner,” “Get Gone”) is being swept up into a court battle with pop music sweetheart Ariana Grande after a legal analysis of her song “7 rings” was found to be a nearly identical copy of verses penned by Stone years before Ms. Grande’s release. Lawyers for Josh Stone allege that while Ariana was in the same studio complex as the rapper she overheard his recording of “You Need It, I Got It”with Uncle Murda and then used the hook without permission in “7 rings.”

“As we can see, 33 out of 36 notes match exactly…Furthermore, 18 out of the 36 words or syllables of the lyrics match exactly…including nine of the first twelve. Those 12 notes/words are the ‘hook’ of each song and are nearly identical,” explains Matthew Harris, musicologist and counsel for Stone’s legal team.

Uncle Murda, when asked for comment on the alleged theft of a record he helped create, said,“We made a dope record, and it feels like somebody tried to take our creative idea…it got jacked.”

It’s currently unknown if Ariana Grande will be publicly crediting Josh Stone for the hook or if future legal proceedings will require her to compensate him financially after the success of “7 rings.” Stay tuned for updates as the story develops.

More info sure to be seen on their Instagram accounts in coming weeks; follow here—> @iamjoshstone @arianagrande

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