B.U.d Goes Old School With ‘No More’


LA-based musician B.U.d has just released his new track ‘No More’. It is a release which puts the singer’s octave range on full display with a pleasant vocal from the get-go.

It gets started with an old school R’n’B beat, and it took me back to yesteryear with an immense sense of nostalgia. Yes, the industry sound has changed, but why change something which worked very well? I think B.U.d has taken influences from the past here but created something unique and memorable in its own right.

‘No More’ is about having enough tears and concentrating on removing all obstacles. For me, the highlight was B.U.d’s transition into falsetto towards the latter part of the track.

Overall, it is a stable release from the LA singer. I would have preferred a bit more variation across the verses but the track as a whole works very well. I am looking forward to seeing what next is to come from B.U.d.

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