IAMHaile Increases Dopamine Levels With ‘Thank you’


IAMHaile is no stranger to dropping a solid hip hop track. He is building quite a reputation for doing just that.

It was only a few months ago when I first found the rapper who lives in North Carolina. It was actually through checking out artists on Instagram where I first came across him, and it turns out he is quite a big deal. Especially within the religious hip hop community.

But, I do not think his music is stereotypically religious. It does have elements and phrases which reflect the Bible, but it is not your average spiritual track. I like that. It has taken influence, but it is not a replica. As a result, his new track ‘Thank you’ opened up my imagination, and it did not just move me. But it also left me looking on the bright side of life. Yes, that may sound cheesy, but it does increase dopamine levels.

‘Thank you’ is the first release in 2020 for IAMHaile. But, I highly doubt it will be the last, and I bet the rapper has plenty more up his sleeve. It starts with a mellowing vibe before a hard-hitting beat gets down to business. Lyrically, confident and expressive. Also, the rapper does not shy away from expressing his views, and his confidence pours out from the get-go. It is a track which provides hope that anything is possible. There are no obstacles in this song. As a result, you can listen to it and feel motivated and switched on in an instant.

But, I have to flip the coin too. There is room for improvement, and I would have liked to have heard more precise diction. But, it is a solid start for IAMHaile in the 2020s. Plus, I am sure the best is yet to come.

Listen to ‘Thank you’ here.

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