Mr. MILK Debuts Single “Morphing Time”

Mr. MiLK releases his debut powerful, eclectic, and infectious experimental/hip-hop album “Emergence.” The nine-track album features atmospheric beats, catchy melodic elements, raw instrumentation, and unique arrangements by the producer. From the bass and piano-heavy leading single “Morphing Time” to the feel-good “Unga,” Mr. MiLK delivers melodic bliss combined with emotion-evoking compositions across the album. The artist’s immersing style and unique sound will grasp the listener’s attention and put them on a sonic journey. The eclectic arrangements with the infectious melodic elements give the arrangement on each track an energetic, driving…

Desean Releases “SznMix (EP)”

The new short compilation playlist “SznMix” The first release from my “Szn” project. This project was started after the latest project “Champagne Gold”. Szn Mix started in 2019, Originally The “Szn” album was suppose to drop in 2018 but it was pushed back due to personal issues. 2020 now able to present you with A project that brings you 3 in One. Szn Mix is 1/3 coming in 2020. A Goldsoundszn playlist. Follow Desean on Social MediaInstagram – @deseanofficialTwitter – @mrsznleonFacebook – Goldsoundszn / DeseanLÜM – @Deseanszn