Kingdumb Is Back With ‘JDM’


Hip-hop maestro Kingdumb is back, and he’s back with his most significant released to date with ‘JDM’. It is a release that delves into the Asian musical songbook with a sound that is not too familiar in modern British hip-hop. However, it does not sit out of place, and it fits nicely into the contemporary scene.

Furthermore, it kicks off with an oriental female vocal lead. It is not apparent what the lady is saying, given that she is speaking in her native Japanese tongue, but given the title of the track, she is most likely talking about the Japanese motor industry. This vibe carries on for the entirety, with Kingdumb speaking about the affluent side of life and driving his ‘JDM’.

Vocally, Kingdumb is not a quintessential rapper. However, it is what gives him the edge over his peers in the space. Furthermore, he heads down a unique path, and it pays off because it makes him stand out profoundly. Many will argue this is key to success in the competitive realm, and it will be no surprise to witness him rising the chart due to his distinction.

Overall, ‘JDM’ is an unusual release but one which is full of excitement. It sits on its own table, and it is not afraid to be just that little bit different. Nevertheless, there is a myriad of sounds that take influence from others, but Kingdumb rides a vision of his own, and it is refreshing to witness the artist leaping into an area in which he finds passion.

You can take a listen to ‘JDM’ by Kingdumb here.

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