Land of No Pity TV Series in the Works

A new eight part television series based on the infamous environment of 1980s South Central is currently being shopped around to networks for an upcoming release. This television series was inspired by the Land of No Pity novels written by Toni T. Shakir which detail real life LA — specifically the tragedies and success stories of the families enmeshed in these impoverished communities. The Land of No Pity series is finding and securing its final producers now, and the roster of talent involved is epic with heavy hitters T.I., Baron Davis, Ving Rhames, CJ McCollum, Trevor Booker, LaRance Dopson & 1500 or Nothin.

The complex gang culture of South Central Los Angeles is not a topic for the faint of heart. The novels were the first steps taken by Jamal Shakir in revealing the personalities, motivations, and destinies of the true-to-life characters within. The Land of No Pity tv series will further its dramatic tale, taking the audiences on a captivating cinematic journey. Jamal Shakir, a young writer, director, filmmaker, and native of South Central LA conveys a detailed trek of the untold history and stories of the street soldiers that define many of its neighborhoods in a dramatic fashion. The unique angle that sets this tv series apart from prior sensationalized works, is that the focal point is set from the eyes and voices of the children in these environments. It is a social commentary on being raised in the midst of poverty, violence, and trauma.

As the son and nephew of the founders of a segment of the Rollin’ 90s, Jamal Shakir has coped with losing countless family members to incarceration and gun violence. A gifted youth who graduated from college early and entered the literary and TV/Film world immediately following, he credits his abilities and resilience to the complicated life he witnessed growing up.

“The Land of No Pity series shows how children of similar childhood traumas gravitate towards one another to build their ultimate destiny. My father was apart of the largest on-going federal death penalty case in US History. He was sentenced to 24 life sentences and racked up over 130 co-defendants which included my mother, uncles, family, and friends. It’s a coming-of-age story in an extreme environment Everyone in my family— everyone who had a hand in raising me— has experienced the prison system,” explains Shakir.A test pilot was filmed from the first episode of the series; it shares a vulnerable glimpse into this complicated world. To find out or see more of the Land Of No Pity series click here.

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