Kingdumb Drops ‘Rave In My Bedroom’


Red-hot producer and vocalist, Kingdumb gets back to business with his fresh EP, ‘Rave In My Bedroom’. It’s his first EP since his critically acclaimed prior single, ‘JDM,’ and it’s a thriller, as you’d expect!

The Swindon-based producer brings various musical components to the forefront, and his new approach to music pays off handsomely. Each track’s music is more or less unique in its own right, and each track adds a new layer to his discography.

Kingdumb gets the party started with his old school methods, evidently finding inspiration in some of the best rave bangers of all time. Furthermore, the first track, ‘Rave In My Bedroom,’ has an acid house feel that would not be out of place in a 1990s factory rave setup.

As the EP progresses, Kingdumb travels further afield, with an Asian-sounding soundscape emerging in several tracks. With tunes like ‘Brown Skin Soldier,’ he pulls into hip hop territory, but there’s also a pop element with a synth that rises like something from a Prince record. It’s intriguing.

‘Click Click Clack’ is a piece of unusual but exciting music with a soundtrack unlike anything else in the modern game. The beat taps away with a futuristic edge, and the flow is appealing. ‘Kill Very Many,’ the EP’s closing track, also flips the aura on its head and wraps up the EP in style.

You can take a listen to ‘Rave In My Bedroom’ by Kingdumb by clicking here.

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