Bond-themed soul from Espinosa van Doornum

With a VIP’s taste for gin martini, Espinosa van Doornum align themselves with the cufflinked cool of Daniel Craig while proffering ‘The People’s Theme (No Time To Die)’. Featuring Cory D Gibson on vocals – sophisticatedly world-weary, bow tie loosened as he lounges against the mic stand – and introduced by the unmistakable point-and-shoot strings synonymous with Her Majesty’s finest, ‘The People’s Theme’ is rich and smoky, big band soul and funk, as much about classic Blaxploitation style as it is about the era of Connery and Moore. As it purrs with the luxurious charm of our silver screen action hero (a suave horn section will sweep many an unsuspecting femme fatale off her feet), it’s backed up with the brawn of a pointed message resonating from first bar to last.

Espinosa van Doornum’s work slots nicely into the canon of coveted Bond themes – Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner (ok, maybe not Duran Duran) – and alongside the new ‘No Time To Die’ blockbuster. Talented multi instrumentalists and record producers with grand visions and vanguard creativity on their mind, Tito Espinosa and Sean van Doornum come from the old school of songwriting. Working in the slipstream of Bond’s latest adventure, and hence chomping at the bit given its COVID-enforced delay, the duo aim to summon the spirit of Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, Duke Ellington, and of course, John Bar,

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