Anesthis Charms With ‘Prayer’


Anesthis, a Bucharest-based music composer, is leading the path for classical sounds with his latest release, ‘Prayer.’ The composer deftly draws inspiration from some of the genre’s greats while also adding his own twist to create a refreshingly novel sound.

It begins with a strong piano lead that will transport you from any mood to a place of tranquilly. It’s delightful that Anesthis keeps the track chilled yet delivering enough intensity, with the piano instrument bursting to the foreground of the mix with eagerness. It demonstrates the writer’s versatility, and he takes a wise approach in ensuring that his work stands out among the many other neo-classical works that stray into different realms.

A significant change occurs midway through, with the arrangement heading down a softer avenue plucking the heartstrings on its way. It’s incredibly romantic, taking us on a voyage we’ll never forget. The soft noises that stand out are motivating, and it frequently switches between hard and soft to create the perfect blend of everything majestic. It’s powerful when it needs to be, but it also understands when to take a breather to give us the time we need to prepare for the next explosive portion.

Overall, ‘Prayer’ is a beautiful oeuvre that leaves an indent from the get-go.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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