Spectral Display Release ‘You’re My Religion’

Spectral Display

Spectral Display’s ‘You’re My Religion’ is one of those tracks that gets better with each hearing. It is a tune that has been blaring out of the speakers for a few weeks, and it has become one of the most unforgettable tracks in recent memory. It’s direct but not obnoxious, and the music has a timeless quality to it.

Paul Simon’s vocals offer a fresh dimension to the contemporary landscape. There are indications of the band’s music that brought them to the public in the 1980s, but they aren’t one of the bands who are clinging to their previous success. Furthermore, they are not afraid to try something new, as they do with ‘You’re My Religion.’

The singer also uses clever wordplay to express his admiration for someone whom he feels strongly about. He makes the analogy to a religious movement. He’s fixated on them, and he’ll go to any length to be with them, and they’ve cast a spell on him, comparable to an epiphany that a religious believer could experience.

When you compare this music to the band’s previous work, you’ll question whether it’s the same band. Spectral Display have experimented musically, and the lockdown may have allowed them to sit down and concentrate on creating something fresh. They don’t disappoint, and it’s safe to argue that this could be one of today’s most essential electronic pop tracks. The verse is charming, but the chorus takes it to a whole new level of catchiness.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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