Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn Release ‘Fairy Tales’

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole is a musician whose latest single, ‘Fairy Tales,’ is brightening up his hometown of New York.

Thomas smashes it with vigour, bringing an electronic aspect to his characteristic pop elements. He exudes a contagious quality that is difficult to resist, and he creates a unique texture that is memorable. I admire how he continues to develop his voice and shows how adaptable he can be as an up-and-coming singer in this competitive field, this time collaborating with Lizzie Allyn.

As the song progresses, a variety of new tones emerge. It’s what keeps the action going right from the start, and Thomas and Lizzie know how to keep us glued to the edge of our seats. The structure also flips regularly, with Thomas frequently re-routing down new paths.

Thomas adds a catchy soundscape towards the end. It makes us want to press replay, but despite the track’s length of just over three minutes, it still feels like there’s more to come. Remember, though; there’s nothing a replay button can’t cure in situations like this.

‘Fairy Tales’ is best enjoyed loudly. It also sticks out like a sore thumb in a month full of new releases, and it deviates from the norm given the upcoming holiday season. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome break from the usual fare, and I’m sure it’ll continue to be heard on playlists as the year progresses.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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