Spider Plant Unleashes New Song ‘Day In’

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is rapidly taking off in the electronic arena, and his second release of the year, ‘Day In’, cements his position at the forefront. It is a release that stands out with lots of passion, and it follows his previous 2021 delivery, ‘Welcome’.

The production immediately comes to life, with a crackly vocal sample propelling the music ahead. Birds chirp away in the introduction, establishing a soothing atmosphere ahead of a dream-like synth loop that gradually rises to the top of the mix. Spider Plant also layers the music with angelic harmonies that eventually meet Spider Plant’s lead vocal line. His tones combine perfectly with the mood of the instrumental, and his words convey clearly his current life and experiences.

As the track progresses, we hear a beat that comes and goes, tapping away in the distance but adding even more solidity to the entire experience. The structure is refreshing, and it does not follow a quintessential pattern as many may expect the second it starts.

Spider Plant said about the release: “‘Day In’ was created whilst I was furloughed. I had been feeling uninspired to create for months leading up to the track’s creation, I had still been trying, but nothing I was creating was doing it for me. However, ‘Day In’ is the track that got everything moving, it just poured out of me, and it felt as if that creative block shifted and was washed away by this song. It opened the gates for the rest of the album to be created. As to why it happened when it did and what shifted within me, I honestly couldn’t say, but I am happy I did, and I’m sure without continuing to experiment even though I was uninspired is what allowed me to push through the creative block. It was pure catharsis; I revelled in how effortless it seemed after working on other less successful projects for so long.”

You can listen here.

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