Adam Giles Levy Releases Striking New Release ‘Wild Earth’

Adam Giles Levy

It’s booming Adam Giles Levy’s new release, ‘Wild Earth, ‘ slams through the speakers with apocalyptic energy that can’t be ignored. Adam Giles Levy is a guy on a mission, and he comes forward with a powerful message about the need to save the Earth and our surroundings. His music reflects his desire to alter the world for the better, and he tells it how it is with this performance.

The guitars ring out in the opening, and the drums come crashing into the mix, adding an added layer of certified anticipation to the atmosphere. There is a hard rock movement in the backend of the track, but Adam also manages to tap into various styles, even greeting us with a blues-rock edge with his crunchy guitar tones and salient vocals.

Adam’s vocals stand out with their energy, and he’s been likened to some of the best rock singers, such as Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars. However, Adam keeps his influences at bay, with him generally pushing the envelope through the track’s entirety. He delivers something that he enjoys and has a strong passion for, which is reflected in the performance and is one of the reasons why this track stands out among the current rock releases emerging.

You can listen here.

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