Glitch Project Experiment With ‘Shivers’

Glitch Project

Glitch Project, the Italian electronic alt-pop duo, have the golden recipe for songwriting, and their new track, ‘Shivers,’ pushes their quality even further. The new song is out now, and it’s not to be missed due to its captivating character!

This single has an electronic flavour to it, and the ladies spend more time dancing than ever before. Furthermore, a foot-tapping beat paves the path ahead, and we tiptoe alongside Federica and Maida. Maida’s vocals give the genre a new lease on life, and the anticipation grows as the song progresses.

Federica, the music creator, is in good form here, pushing her ideas forward, straying from her regular sound and injecting fresh life into the vanguard. It’s refreshing to see the two experimenting as they kick the ball, further along, paving the way for future tracks.

The track is unlike anything else out right now, and the band have a habit of integrating things that, on paper, should not work but actually do in reality. A breathing voice which appears frequently, that sounds like a marathon runner screaming for oxygen after a difficult race, is an example of this.

You can listen here.

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