Hank Quillen Releases Edgy New Song ‘Treading Water’

Hank Quillen

Hank Quillen is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, and he welcomes us all to his newest single, ‘Treading Water’. The new single is everything we have come to expect from an artist of his ability. He mixes various musical genres and styles to create something we do not frequently hear in today’s music landscape.

There is a bluesy rock edge to ‘Treading Water,’ but Hank also manages to include some of his Country influence into the melting pot, and even soul manages to find its way into the mix at times. The song begins with a piercing guitar lead with a tone that will satisfy even the most sternest of listeners.

While listening to the track for the first time, one of the first things that stood out to us about Hank was his distinctive vocal quality. He has a vocal technique quite similar to that of Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon, and his tones keep us engaged from the beginning to the end of the song. However, Vocally, there is not much occurring in the stereo space; all of the vocals are upfront in the middle. Therefore, adding a small amount of harmony or backing singing at various points along the route could have added extra wonders to the mix.

You can listen here.

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