Kingdumb Is Back With ‘Basic’


The underground hip-hop industry is witnessing Kingdumb’s meteoric rise at a breakneck pace. In addition, the record’s producer and songwriter, who caused a stir in the industry with their previous single, “Best Friend,” has returned with an even bigger banger, “Basic.”

The post-genre foot stomper known as “Basic” is a breath of fresh air that mixes numerous modern hip hop hooks with nostalgia melodies to create a concoction of potent juice! On this new release, the musician from Swindon has expanded his musical horizons even further, and he achieves new heights of vibrancy.

The song begins with a clap beat with a rhythm hooking us to its clasp. It is a powerful beginning with a synth melody that firmly establishes the movement within the mix. The rap vocal performance of Kingdumb, who gives an enticing quality, can be heard right from the beginning of the song. He sings about a subject that many people will be able to connect to, and he does not hold back while expressing his feelings through his lyrics.

Kingdumb struts his way through the song with confidence. He is a rapper that does not hold back from saying what he thinks, and even though there is not much variety in the lyrics, we have to admit that he has us entirely under his spell.

Overall, a first-rate hit from Kingdumb and one that makes us giddy for his next!

You can listen here.

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