Twin Sister Pop Duo LYS Releases New Single

Twin pop duo L Y S has released their latest single, “Step by Step.” The track serves as an autumn motivation, featuring fierce synths, a fast beat, and sultry vocals. 

L Y S have created the perfect song for a good workout, building confidence, overcoming a setback, and getting back on your feet.

“Step By Step is a motivational song for all the big dreamers who are working hard and don’t give up despite the hard times they’re going through,” says L Y S. “It made us feel better to write this song and we hope that whoever listens to it will feel better too when they hear it!”
The track was written and performed by L Y S and produced by Daniel Escobar and is available on all major streaming services.

Lorène and Marine are 2 twin sisters from France. At 21, they moved to Los Angeles to study music at UCLA Extension and to chase their dreams. They are currently working on new music projects they are looking forward to share with the world. 


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