Adam Giles Levy And His Disarray Awakening

Adam Giles Levy

Adam Giles Levy is a British singer-songwriter and musician, and he is about to release his new album, ‘Wake Of Disarray’, on Friday (04/11). Having been given advance access to the album, we can attest that it is going to get off to a blazing start.

‘Wake Of Disarray’ showcases a total of ten tracks, each of which is uniquely positioned within the rock music landscape. Is this record something that might be considered rock? It is up for debate due to the fact that the feel is so different to what we are hearing everywhere at the moment and that it taps into a wide variety of styles and genres, ranging from folk to post-apocalyptic indie.

Some of the tracks flow peacefully, yet others come crashing down on us like all hell is breaking free. The momentum that is contained inside each track is palpable, and the album as a whole contains numerous twists and turns. The diversity of the album is what makes it so intriguing, and Adam does an excellent job of expressing himself while also drawing on relatable themes that many people will find to be pertinent.

‘Wake Of Disarray’ includes the singles ‘Wild Earth’ and ‘The Fall,’ and even though these tracks are some of the biggest on the album, there are still plenty of other offerings that are sure to rocket north come New Music Friday.

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