Vinyl Floor Release New Single ‘Funhouse Mirror’

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor, an indie rock duo from Denmark, have a new single out called ‘Funhouse Mirror’, which is from their album of the same name. This single hits on all cylinders.

The band of brothers have received much praise since the release of their album, which is not surprising given the high quality of the material presented. In addition, the single taps into a well-established space, and for good measure, further layers of vigour emerge from the production.

The song opens with an overture headed by the piano and drums, and it has a pop-rock vibe that welcomes us to the meeting. The vocals quickly come to the forefront of the mix and exude a warm atmosphere reminiscent of other musical works associated with the holiday season. To such an extent that, with some minor adjustments here and there, this song had the potential to become a hit festive contender

The sounds present are illuminating, and the bass has a substantial tone, which gives the stereo field an additional coating of depth. Additionally, the guitar solo that appears almost a minute into the track demonstrates the band’s versatility by adding an indie flavour while taking a significant step ahead.

You can listen here.

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