The Chewgs Release New Track ‘Let It Out’

The Chewgs

The Chewgs are a pop-folk duo from Worcestershite in England that have emerged with the release of their new single, ‘Let It Out’. It is the first track from the group, and wow, are we in for a treat with their new project!

The tune begins with a bass riff, which gradually works its way to the top, and an acoustic guitar strum pattern appears not long afterward. The guitar rhythm is played in a quirky way, and while it contributes a tone that is not all that frequent in the scene today, it manages to sound enormously relevant despite its rarity. It is clear that the duo has drawn inspiration from the pioneering records of the style, while at the same time maintaining a contemporary perspective and approach to composition.

The vocals are engaging, and they fill our ears with a sense of joy. In addition, the lyrics are a reflection of the emotions one experiences when they feel the need to genuinely let themselves be and accomplish what they desire. It is all about mustering up the bravery to accomplish something that you have always desired to do but have never been able to in the past. There is a palpable sense of voice healing taking place in this space, and as a result, we are unable to help but feel inspired and energised for the new year that is about to begin.

You can check out, ‘Let It Out’ on Spotify here.

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