Von Venn Release New Album ‘Jeanie Is Out’

Von Venn

Von Venn return with their latest offering, ‘Jeanie Is Out,’ a mesmerizing album that immerses us in an indie atmosphere, leaving us tantalized and eager for more. With ten tracks to delve into, this Irish group showcases their musical dept and they deliver an unforgettable experience.

The album features hits such as ‘Ghost’, ‘Constant Girl’ and new favourite ‘In Time,’ a captivating piece that sets the tone for what awaits listeners throughout the rest of the album. It immediately grabs attention with its emotive and passionate sound, driven by Gary’s confident and compelling vocals. The masterful fusion of dreamy synths swirling around the mix and echoey guitar tones also creates a spellbinding atmosphere that holds us captive from start to finish.

Von Venn effortlessly infuses an unmistakable 80s indie vibe into their music, while simultaneously keeping it fresh and relevant to the current music scene. This delicate balance between nostalgia and innovation is a testament to the group’s creativity and ingenuity. Moreover, from the moment the first note hits, it becomes evident that Von Venn has crafted something special—a journey that transports us through time and emotion.

Each subsequent track on ‘Jeanie Is Out’ unfolds with its own unique flavor, contributing to the album’s cohesive yet diverse nature. Whether it’s the infectious melodies, introspective lyrics, or the impeccable interplay between instruments, the album consistently delivers moments of pure musical bliss.

You can listen here.

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