Kingdumb Releases New Song “Get F’d Up”


As a fan of electronic music, I was thrilled to dive into “Get F’d Up” by Kingdumb. This track was a gem from the start and from the get-go it was clear that this track was designed to ignite the dance floor.

The beats and sounds immediately grabbed my attention. Kingdumb steps it up a gear in terms of production here with a mix that not only meets but exceeds expectations. The layers of synths and driving rhythms are both euphoric and energizing.

“Get F’d Up” starts strong and builds momentum with each passing second, drawing us into its infectious groove. The blend of euphoric highs and deep basslines is irresistible, making it impossible not to move to the music.

What I love most about this track is its ability to capture the essence of summer. Also, as Kingdumb himself puts it, “‘Get F’d Up’ is all about embracing the freedom that music brings. It’s about that feeling when the beat drops and everything else fades away.” And indeed, listening to this track, that feeling is palpable. It’s a track that not only sounds good but feels good—a true anthem for anyone who loves to get lost in the music.

You can take a listen here.

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