Toronto Singer Sh3 Releases “Stranger Things”

Canadian singer songwriter SH3 Stranger Things official music video

Canadian R&B Pop star SH3 embraces the strange and eclectic in her new music video for her single “Stranger Things”.  “Stranger Things” is the second single from SH3’s “H2 Zoom Voicenotes” project following the release of “Gelato”, which has reached 175,000 views on YouTube since it’s release in July and is still counting! “The making of this video has been quite a journey,” SH3 — pronounced ‘she’ — explains. “We shot this video during the summer of 2019 and it took until now where I feel it’s ready to share…

Canadian songstress SH3 breaks 100k on “Gelato”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter/engineer Sh3 (pronounced “she”) releases her new video “Gelato”. Gelato was shot in Miami with much of the video taking place on an ice-cream truck. The video isn’t as much a narrative as it is a montage of images reminiscent of summer and things associated with it – palm trees, sunshine, and of course, ice-cream.  Follow @sh3official on Instagram.