North Ship Release New Single “Scent”

North Ship

Hailing from Copenhagen, the indie duo North Ship makes a compelling entrance with their latest single, “Scent.” This innovative pairing breaks through musical conventions, weaving together influences from bygone eras with a distinct presence in the contemporary music scene.

“Scent” invites deep contemplation as the guitars and synths meld with a quirky drum structure, creating a captivating sound. Frontman Tom’s vocals possess a Bowie-esque quality, drawing inspiration from rock’s finest while carving out his unique niche in the industry. His textured voice complements the music, adding a layer of complexity to the overall track.

The chorus elevates the energy to new heights, with a kaleidoscope of sounds converging to create a concoction that lingers in the mind long after the song concludes. North Ship not only pays homage to the musical greats of the past but also establishes their own distinct identity within the industry.

You can stream here.

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